Here are answers to some of your questions:

How long do we have the space for?

Each package is different, but most allow for a three- or four-hour time slot. Three hours allows an hour for the wedding party and guests to arrive, half an hour for the ceremony and one and a half hours for congratulations and chatting after the event. The extra hour allows for visiting after the ceremony.

Do you offer planning services?

No, we are not wedding planners so we do not offer any planning services, such as working with florists etc. It is your responsibility to liaise with other service providers yourself.

Do you provide catering?

No, we do not offer catering, but you are welcome to look at bringing in caterers, food trucks or other options. It is the responsibility of the wedding party to ensure that any requirements such as liquor licenses are met.

How long is the walk from the parking lot to the venue?

The walk is a comfortable 10-minute stroll along a winding path through the trees.

Is there disabled parking?

There are disabled parking spots, but they are in the main parking lot which is a 10-minute walk along a wooded path to the venue. There is vehicle access to the venue for the wedding party, so elderly or disabled guests could be dropped off, but there is only parking there for about 4 vehicles.

Are there bathrooms?

There are no bathrooms out at the venue space. You are welcome to organize a porta-potty if you wish.

What if it rains?

There is a 10' x 10' canopy at the edge of the glade, where drinking water will be available. In the event of rain it would be possible to have the bride, groom and officiant under this canopy, but guests will need to bring umbrellas.

Will we see any animals?

The path from the parking to the venue does not pass any of Bloomfield Garden Centre's ever-popular animals, but if guests would like to arrive early they can walk the long way round and pass the animals.

What is your refund policy?

If your wedding is cancelled due to COVID 19 restrictions we will provide a full refund