Bloomfield Farm Weddings is a hidden gem just outside of Calgary. Set amid 70 acres of pasture and mature trees, the venue is a delightful mix of farm, nursery and wilderness.

When Tarance and Wendy Zak bought the property in 2016 they had no real plans for those old-growth tree fields. In fact most of the action takes place in one corner of the land, where greenhouses are used to grow beautiful annuals and bedding plants, and where Bloomfield Garden Centre makes those plants, and our own locally grown trees, available to the public.

But Tarance had a vision. In amongst the tree fields, there were natural aisles that just screamed 'here comes the bride', and open areas that are the perfect gathering spot for those who appreciate a rustic, natural environment.

We'll be ready for 2021 farm weddings

After talking about it for four years, Bloomfield Farm Weddings is finally coming to fruition! As Fall approaches, the aisle is being sodded to make a soft, natural walking surface. The open area, likewise, is being flattened and sodded. With some serious pruning and as little 'manicuring' as possible, we're in the process of creating a fabulous, natural space where Mother Nature can take precedence over the formality of a traditional wedding.

The photos that you see here are artist's renditions as we are still in the process of creating the spaces, but they will be complete by the end of 2020 and ready for use in June 2021.

To come and view the space, please email us now, or phone Wendy at 403-816-6255